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Nano silica/SiO2


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Basic information:
CAS No.:14808-60-7
It can improve strength and hardness of the coating when you add the product into coating. Adding a small amount of the product in the coating, the property of anti-aging of coating can be improved from the 250h to 600h or more, and drying time is significantly reduced .Then the problem of existence of poor suspension stability, poor thixotropy and low brightness of raw materials is also well settled.
White powder
Item no
Particle sizenm
content %
PH value
Loss on ignition (%)950℃x2h
Application Features:
1.     Scrub resistance: the property of scrub resistance increases from  thousands of times to a million times
2.     Anti-aging: adding a certain amount of the product can increase the property of anti-aging of traditional paint products from 250 h to more than 600h.
3. stain-resistant and self-cleaning: the product can improve the wetting of coating surface and adhesion of dust of architecture, and can improve the stain resistance and self-cleaning capacity of the coating.
4. Antimicrobial resistance: when the addition is more than 0.5%, the coatings show significant antibacterial effects.
5. Hydrophobic corrosion resistance: the product not only has good adhesion, corrosion resistance, but also has high density and anti-ion permeability.
6. Transparency: the product can ensure transparency of coating.
7. Hardness: when Nano silica particles were dispersed evenly in the state of individual particles in the organic material, nanoparticles can enhance film hardness of the UV-curable coating, the maximum can reach 2.5 times.
8. Thermal stability: in the UV-curable coatings, the product can improve the glass transition temperature.
9. Viscosity: the product can significantly increase the viscosity of coating.
Dosage: Recommended dosage is 0.5-2%, individual product system can be 10% or more, to be based on the actual situation.

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