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Nano silica/SiO2


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Surface treatment with the worlds most advanced nanotechnology.
High purity,uniform particle size,perfect activity.
Electrochemistry property of battery can be improve well by adding some nano SiO2.
Has a high value of application in the field of battery.
Item                                   Specification
Item NO.                                                        VK-SP15D
Appearance                                                  White powder
APS, nm                                                     30±10
SSA, m2/g                                                  200±30
Assay, %                                                       ≥99.8
Surface treatment agent                              0.1% battery-specific treatment agent
PH                                                                  4.0-6.5
Loss on drying, %                                        ≤1.0
1. Gel electrolyte made of nano SiO2 has strong property of gel,good viscosity, forming soft colloid electrolyte, good thixotropy, mezzo three-dimensional network structure of gel, small, resistance, big electric current of discharge, high capacity and will not be hydrated and layered. Nano SiO2 greatly increase the cycle life-span of colloid.
2. Used in ARLA: can increase the gross of colloid electrolyte. Effectively prevent electrolyte from layereing and reduce the pace of corrupting.Improve the using life,tensile strength and reduce the aperture of ARLA.
3. In secondary li-ion battery: PVDF-HFP/SiO2 composite polymer diaphragm has high absorbency, conductivity and toughness.The absorbency of electrolyte can up to 184.4% and its conductivity at room temperature is 1.20mS/cm, fractured elongation is 163% .The initial discharge specific capacity of secondary li-ion battery with PVDF-HFP/SiO2 composite polymer diaphragm is 834.8mAh/g and cycle efficiency is approximate 99.8%.
4. Nano SiO2 can reduce the crystallization rate of polymer system and to make it has long time to remain a state of amorphous phase.
5. Nano SiO2 particles between positive/negative polar plate can reduce the diwater fault well.
6. Help to improve the conductivity of porous polymer electrolytes effectly.
7. Nano SiO2 can absorb moisture in the liquid electrolyte and reduce the interface reaction.
8. Used in polymer lithium batteriescan:greatly improve the properties of electrolytical film, such as microstructure, mechanical and electrical properties, so that the electrolytical film has good conductivity and mechanical strength.
Dosage: 0.2-2%
Packet outfit: 10 kgs/bag

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